Chick Hatching

Chick Hatching

Hatching Chicks at Brunton Nursery

Chick Hatching

As part of April’s theme on lifecycles we’ll have Living Eggs back at the Nursery.

What do Living Eggs Do? Here’s what they say…

Living Eggs Ready to Hatch is a two week comprehensive programme providing all you need to hatch chicks in SCHOOLS, NURSERIES AND CARE HOMES.

As a Unique 10 Day Chick Hatching Programme Experience we provide all you need, including 10 Embryo Eggs, Custom Designed Incubator, Brooder Box, Feed & Bedding as well as 250+ Curriculum Based Resources and Lesson Plans – written by Teachers for Teachers!

Living Eggs is a perfect Pupil Premium Project.

We provide coloured Thematic Planners from Early Years right through to KS3, so all the preparation is done for you, and you receive your resources a month before your eggs arrive so you can plan ahead.

We also get an incredible response to our Programme from Residents and Staff in Care Homes.

Our Eggs are Pathogen Free from a DEFRA approved hatchery with the highest bio-security rating, to ensure your health and welfare. Our equipment is PAT tested and we have full Public Liability Insurance. We also provide a 7 day advice line for any queries.