Your child will move into Pre-school the September after their 3rd birthday, the ratio within the rooms is 1:8.

We recognise that this is a very important time in your child’s life, when they are preparing to enter mainstream school.  Our aim is to ensure they make this transition with confidence, independence and optimism.

We employ highly qualified staff to ensure we provide an exciting, interesting and safe place enabling an optimum learning environment for your child, we combine aspects of the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approach so that children can learn independently. This approach is a holistic approach which aims to develop the whole child, as the belief is that a child’s early years from birth to 6 are the period when they have the greatest capacity to learn, independently developing their own interests.

Your child will be given opportunities to learn and develop basic essential skills, such as problem-solving, self-help, conversational, listening, and self-confidence to deal with challenging situations as they may arise.

We use a key person system where your child’s key person will observe their abilities, skills, progress and development. The pre-school has a more structured day combining creativity and art, music and rhythm, stories and library and also construction, literacy and maths. Children are able to use; their imagination, pretend play and role-play, all vital ingredients in language development encouraging the understanding of the rules of social interaction.

All children have six monthly written assessments each term.  Staff observe children daily and record assessments into the child’s Learning Journey. The Learning Journeys are available for parents to take home whenever they wish, to show family members or when they want to add their child’s interests or home observations.

We work in partnership with parents, and staff are happy, to discuss children’s development at any time, and appointments can be arranged for indepth discussions.

Action Kids visits pre-school weekly, which gives the children a fabulous opportunity to engage in group physical activity, following instructions and to work with each other. The children participate in weekly French lessons, enriching the children’s acquisition of an additional language.

The teaching staff in our local school, have praised our nursery for the seamless transitions of the children joining their Reception classes, success being in the weekly visits made to school familiarising children in the school environment long before their transitional period.

As children are nearing the time to leave nursery for school please find a useful link to support their new teachers with their transition: