Rising 3s

The Rising 3s room is a beautiful light airy and inspiring room with large windows and doors encouraging children to use the outdoor space to learn and play. We encourage free flow play to extend children’s learning into the outdoors and exploration of the natural environment.

The room is designed and equipped to develop all areas of children’s learning including music, reading, writing and mark making, role play, construction, painting and creative play, with the outdoors also offering natural resources to develop their imagination and creative expression.

Natural resources and a variety of creative media which the children show interest in are used to enhance their learning. It is our aim for every child to enjoy every aspect of every day they spend To this end we encourage learning trough play. We use water, sand mud and other mediums. Through playing by pouring, lifting, measuring, handling and balancing, they will absorb many different concepts including linguistic and mathematical.

A weekly ‘Action Kids’ session is used to promote good health and well-being and builds on confidence and children’s physical development.

Meal times continue to be a sociable occasion with the children beginning to lay the tables, serve their own food and use a knife and fork. These simple tasks along with pouring their own drinks builds their hand and eye co-ordination.

Daily group times introduce structure to the day where staff provide age appropriate activities which challenge children’s learning and support individual children’s next stages of development. The use of number games, songs and stories focus on the use of phonics and early reading techniques.